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This is Kim Young-gyu, who has been appointed as the head of the Cheongju Medical Center from August 1, 2022.

Cheongju Medical Center is a regional base public hospital representing Chungcheongbuk-do, which has been running tirelessly to improve the health of citizens of Chungcheongbuk-do for over 100 years since it was established in 1909 as a government-run Jahye Clinic.

Our Cheongju Medical Center operates 669 beds, which is the largest among 41 regional base public hospitals, and provides high-quality medical services to the people of the province. In addition, we are contributing to the happy and healthy lives of provincial residents by carrying out various public medical projects such as screening programs for disease prevention and treatment, support for nursing services for low-income families, free checkups at social welfare facilities, hospice palliative care, home nursing care, and early screening for dementia.

As a result of the efforts of successive medical center directors and executives and employees under the spirit of improving the health of Chungcheongbuk-do residents, regional base public hospital operation evaluation grade A, 3rd cycle Ministry of Health and Welfare certified medical institution, leading hospital for integrated nursing and nursing care service for 7 consecutive years, Newsweek Korea Hospital, an American current weekly magazine It received good reviews in both operational and medical services, including TOP 100 for 4 consecutive years, 1st grade in blood transfusion adequacy evaluation, 1st grade in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease evaluation, and 1st grade in prophylactic antibiotic evaluation in surgery.

Not satisfied with this, we prepared to provide the best medical service in a pleasant environment by opening the cardiovascular center and artificial kidney room in 2017, expanding the emergency room and intensive care unit in 2020, and completing the disability-friendly health checkup center and accommodation extension in 2022. has finished.

Over the past two years, as COVID-19 has spread domestically, our medical center has been converted into a dedicated infectious disease hospital, hospitalized and treated about 4,200 confirmed cases, and conducted 45,000 PCR tests to overcome the national infectious disease disaster situation as a public medical institution. contributed greatly. However, due to the long period of operation as an infectious disease hospital, it is expected that there will be difficulties for a certain period of time in restoring normal patient care functions and public medical projects.

There is a saying that 'crisis is opportunity'. Even in difficult times, we will exert our best capabilities together with all the employees of our medical center, and provide the best medical quality and service to the people of Chungcheongbuk-do, making it a reliable and loved Cheongju Medical Center that can be trusted and visited.


2022. 8. 1. Posted by Kim Yeong-gyu, president of Cheongju Medical Center

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